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Behind each square on the dashboard is essay about affordable price a simple to enter and simple to search customer contact menu for salesmen and managers to use. Each sales persons daily tasks become so easy to manage that they will thank you for implementing this tool. Imagine a CRM tool they actually enjoy using? See struggles in a sales person’s gauge? Simply click on the gauge to help strategize new ways to improve that pace. Power Log Pro’s interactive display allows for quick and easy tracking and follow up with your own sales force.

Lead entry as simple as it gets. With Easy Load and the individual dashboard, your staff can self-police follow-ups and sales pace. They can easily log phone-ups, internet leads and walk-ins and set their own follow up dates. This platform takes the task out of the tasks and puts fun back into the selling game. Simple search functions help finding deals that usually slip through the cracks much easier so you can help your crew to stop digging for sand in a goldmine!!



Are you having trouble getting your sales staff to enter leads into your database? In most cases this is a common problem and it’s not caused by people not wanting to do their job. It’s like asking a technician to use a bad set of wrenches..they will naturally resist. Power Log Pro is so easy to use on the sales proofreading my paper floor that you can now set reasonable expectations for your crew.View performance on a daily or monthly basis and you will “see” exactly where your attention is required.

Simply upload a “snapshot” of your current inventory and Power Log Pro will do the rest. Display the units on your showroom floor by age in segments 30/90/180/365 days old. Organize your NEW/USED inventory by Manufacturer to identify your market trends and momentum. TARGET your aged inventory with this interactive display only available with Power Log Pro. When was the last time a Flooring Company sent you a thank you note for interest paid?


Enter a lead into Power Log Pro and the automated messaging system will send an “electronic business card” with a customizable message unique to that customer. Send an automated message to “SOLD” customers with Thank You! Bring them back home and don’t treat them like a number! If you’re an Administrator, you can send internal “bulletins” to your staff with promos, upcoming events and motivational sales pitches.Take advantage of Power Log Pro’s automated messaging system to keep all dealer goals aligned within each department of your business.




Create an innovative web-based CRM platform for the Powersports industry so simple that any salesperson will use. If you have a tool that your staff will not use, what’s the point?
Contact Lists:
Sort customers by a number of pre-programmed categories or create a list of your own. Customers can be sorted by salesman, approved customers, by date, hot customer list, customer source, last contact, sold customers etc. As is the goal of Power Log Pro as a whole, this feature is designed to get you the data you want when you need it.
Salesman Stats:
This feature sources each customer and tracks which salesperson enters the information. I.E.: Phone, Walk-in, Cycle Tracer, Craigslist, etc.
Month | Day RPM Gauges
View a snapshot of one or all sales staff in real time by clicking on the digital gauge and instantly see what is behind it. Gauges report: due follow-up, future follow-up, sold this month, sold today, total logged customers for the month, and total logged customers for the day. This feature can be displayed on an Owner’s, or General Sales Manager’s computer will show real-time updates as they happen.
Status Board Pro
This is a digital version of that white board in your sales office, without the smell of ink. Goals can be set my managers and real time major unit tracking for the entire store is displayed. This board also keeps track of “half” deals.
Message Admin
This feature allows you to communicate to your entire sales team as fast as you can type. Text Messages (SMS) can be broadcast to your entire sales staff’s cell phones simultaneously. Messages also appear in the “Message” tab and can be viewed by sales personnel. This makes getting critical information to the front line easy and efficient.  Now a manager can post spiffs, promos, and other news with accountability.
Integrated Dealer Inventory
This list makes inventory management fast and easy. Since the data comes straight out of your DMS system so you know it will be accurate. New and used bike lists are generated for sales staff, MSRP, location, and much more. Just one of the features which allows sales managers to put special incentives on specific units. As a sales person you would see these units show up in RED. The incentive or “spiff” would be displayed by simply moving the cursor over the highlighted unit. Sales personnel can now get information on the fly without running back and forth to a manager. Users defined as “Admins” can view inventory by age, make, model, year, etc. and acknowledge non-current and aged inventory. This feature gives any GSM or Dealer Principle the tools to simplify their inventory management.
Digital Credit Applications
Is your dealership still handwriting credit applications? Power Log Pro gets you into the new millennia and allows you to print custom credit applications. All the information you would normally put on a piece of paper gets entered into the system; then push the print button and you have a credit application for your customer to sign. This feature ensures that any customer that fills out a credit application is entered and stored for future follow-up. No more trying to find lost paperwork or covering your desk in post-it notes. Other forms can be customized to your dealership as well.
Automatic Email Follow-up
Once customers are sourced in Power Log Pro an email is generated thanking them for coming in. These e-mails are generated automatically with no additional effort.Each e-mail can be customized by the sales person; including automated “thank you” messaging for “Sold” customers as they are updated.
Nightly Manager Recap Email
This message can be sent out once a night to managers. It shows daily activity; I.E: sold units, logged customers, and customer notes.
OEM Lead Integration
Allows email lead notifications to be sent directly into Power Log Pro eliminating double entries and ensuring follow up for these often ignored leads. (I’m not sure how this works, where do the OEM leads come from?)
Follow-Up History
We all know that not all customers are sold the first time they come into the dealership. Power Log Pro displays the history for each customer while tracking activity. This history is easy to find and simple to allow for simple and efficient tracking.
Customer Search
This feature allows a customer to be searched by a number of factors; First Name, Last Name, Phone Number, etc. You can even search by model, so if a customer visited the store last month looking for a Can-Am LTD Spyder and your sales staff notices that one just arrived today, he/she can now search for that unit in Power Log Pro and find any relevant customers that have inquired about that unit.
Power Log Pro runs on a secure server with SSL 128 bit encryption to ensure all customer data is secure. It can also be locked to a select IP address for an extra layer of protection or to only allow system access from your dealership’s network.
Customer Data
Power Log Pro keeps customer information confidential to the dealer who logged that customer. In this day and age we all understand the importance of information; and additionally the importance of protecting that information. Power Log Pro will never provide customer data to anyone unless requested in writing by the dealer. Unlike many CRM providers, we do not see your database as “our” database!
iPad | iPhone / Mobile optimized
Use Power Log Pro on the fly, track sales, view inventory, print applications, and much more. Power Log Pro is a tool that can travel with you as you go about your busy day.